Tubigrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandage Size A

Sale price$25.40


Tubigrip® provides lasting, effective support for the treatment of strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, general oedema, post-burn scarring and ribcage injuries. It can also be used for pressure dressings, and provides complete freedom of movement for the patient.After application, covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface. If standing alone, Tubigrip will exert 10–15mmHg.Fitting is quick and easy, and unlike conventional crepe bandages, Tubigrip stays securely in position without pins or tapes. As it can be washed and reused, Tubigrip is particularly useful for outpatients and in the community. Tubigrip is cost-effective, as only the required amount is cut from the roll.

Provides comfortable, effective tissue support
Easy to apply and reapply, even after washing 
Full range of sizes to suit most applications 
No pins or tapes needed
Available in two colours: natural and beige


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