Tubular-Net Tubular Elastic Net Bandages Size 2 25m

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A low cost alternative to conventional dressing retention
Tubular - Net™ is ideally designed as a low cost, easy to use open weave retention bandage.
Tubular - Net™ is used for:
• Wound dressing retention
• Isolation of I.V. Lines and Tubing
• Any retention application where minimum skin contact is required
• 100% Australian Made
• Extremely lightweight bandage
• Provides effective retention for every part

Size Limb Circ Application Flat Meassurement
0 2-6cm Fingers and Toes 0.8cm
1 6-9cm Lower Arm 1.9cm
2 9-11cm Hand or Foot 2.7cm
3 11-13cm Arm or leg 3.5cm
4 13-15cm Knee or head 4.0cm
5 14-26cm Shoulders or head 4.4cm
6 26-33cm Adult Chest 7.8cm
7 30-38cm Large Chest 9.6cm


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