Venosan 4001 Stocking AD B/Knee AD Short Open Toe Medium Me

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VENOSAN 4001 COMPRESSION STOCKINGS CLASS 1 18-21 mmHg PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS - CLIMATE EFFECT - The construction of the microfibre mesh in the VENOSAN 4000 compression stocking ensures lightness and well-being. This stocking is a reliable, everyday companion for both men and women, also during pregnancy. LIGHTNESS - The air permeable yarns and knitting construction of this stocking offer maximum comfort and thereby a better quality of life. VENOSAN 4000 wicks away moisture thus ensuring excellent wearer satisfaction. FASHIONABLY ELEGANT - Wearable in all seasons. It has a contemporary stylish look, thanks to the sheer transparency. MICROFIBERS - The velvety touch of the high tech TACTEL microfibres offers outstanding comfort. The microfibres are many times thinner than a human hair. COMPOSITION - 71 % TACTEL Polyamide | 29 % ElastaneColour Mexico

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