W.A Kleenspec Single Use LED Vaginal Specula Large

Sale price$295.70


Integrated light source produces uniform light output to help provide the visualization needed for improved patient outcomes. Ideal for emergency, and labor and delivery departments as well as urgent care facilitiesFeatures:

Provides continuous output with a uniform spot and no hot spots for 30 minutes
Crisp white light, no blue or yellow hues for true visualization of tissue color
Sealed LED light source and battery to reduce patient risk
Smooth molded edges designed to provide maximum patient comfort
100% Acrylic, minimizing the chance of cracking or breaking
Ready to use out of the package, simply pull switch when ready
Lithium-primary battery for longer shelf life
Option to remove lithium-primary battery and LED for disposal or recycling
Designed for quality and durability from a trusted manufacturer, made in U.S.A

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